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Top technology titans transforming the countryside in 2019
Top technology titans transforming the countryside in 2019

Even if you’re not an industry-following tech analyst, enthusiast, or hyper-connected geek, it was obvious that we achieved major technology milestones in 2019, and the pace of innovation is now accelerating dramatically and exponentially in some areas. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have been the hallmark of this year’s technological advancement, with its incredible potential, both exciting and perhaps even scary to some. Nevertheless, there were many other areas of remarkable technological advancement in 2019, driven by a few key players who went beyond the limits of existing systems to enable new technologies, devices, experiences and, in some cases, completely new paradigms as a result.

In the following shortlist, I would like to acknowledge the achievements of some of these major tech companies that set new performance standards, enabled better experiences, and helped us launch a new, relentless pace of innovation in 2019 that will drive us forward in the coming new year in significant ways.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD):

The rest of my list will not be of particular importance in any particular order, but as a standout, AMD is sitting at the top here. Back in early 2017, with its first gene Ryzen processors and Zen CPU architecture, the company started an impressive turnaround. This year, however, marked a real turn in high-end desktop and workstation computing for AMD tables. The company’s Ryzen 3000 series of processors are more competitively taking on Intel’s core series at like core counts, and usually at lower price points.

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Top technology titans transforming the countryside in 2019

In addition, AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X and 3950X, which are still part of AMD’s mainstream platform, deliver 12 and 16-core solutions that even Intel’s HEDT platform CPUs simply can not match at their respective price points and boot with superior multi-threaded efficiency. And with AMD’s real HEDT architecture, every desktop CPU Intel actually has to sell smokes 24 and32-core Threadripper. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su and CTO Mark Papermaster have completely repositioned the company in the competitive landscape, supplying customers with great new alternatives to X86 processors on the market. AMD’s Zen 2 and subsequent Zen 3 CPU architectures are also expected to More chip away from Intel’s market share of the lucrative data center server space, although its effect on mobile platforms remains to be seen. However, hats off to AMD with a fat cache to kick off the “chipset” era.

Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

If there were another big buzzword acronym for 2019, it would have to be “5G.” Setting up to transform the wireless connectivity ecosystem into robust wireless broadband services, 5 G technology, with its multi-gigabit bandwidth and exponentially higher capacity, will allow for new experiences and use cases. From smart, always-connected cities, factories and autonomous vehicles to fixed wireless broadband in your home, 5 G will give you the ability to truly cut the cord to many industries and consumers.

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Top technology titans transforming the countryside in 2019

And if you were to ask me to name a company that has had the greatest impact on 5 G enabling and the rollout that’s going on right now, that company is Qualcomm without question. Qualcomm is a comprehensive solution provider for 5 G technologies ranging from modems and processors for customer devices such as handsets and laptops to RF antenna modules for all kinds of 5 G applications on customer premises, both residential and corporate, supporting wireless connectivity for both mmWave and sub-6 5G. Ultimately, 5 G will not only enable faster smartphone connectivity for you, it will also enable new services with higher bandwidth, lower latency and significantly increased network capacity in your home, at the office or on the road.